Thought leadership: A valuable PR tactic

Businesses compete within a loud and busy working environment on a daily basis, struggling to identify authoritative content amongst a web of unreliable sources. As a result, thought leadership is fast becoming a credible PR tactic, further indicating how content marketing and PR are linked closely together. The following few points were recently shared by Bizcommunity in an article titled ‘An integral part of the modern PR plan’.

Both traditional and online marketing can be credible sources of content that provide great exposure opportunities. Thought leadership pieces combine the two as an important part of the modern PR plan.

Traditional and contemporary content

Most businesses today look to produce relevant content to be shared to the media and across their business social media platforms. The aim of this is to provide their audience with valuable content on a continuous basis.

So, what is thought leadership content? Thought leadership content is not merely a press release, but a strategy that requires the extraction of great exposure opportunities, well-researched topics, and creating a strong connection between the findings and your target audience. Authoritative content is released as a result and shared with an established target audience. In turn, the audience will find value in the content and position the brand highly.

The media is a diverse network that is constantly looking for unique, credible and relevant content to publish. Quality thought leadership has many advantages meaning that the content has a great potential to gain traction and third-party acceptance from the press.

The importance of context

In addition to press, there are other areas where though leadership content can receive great exposure. LinkedIn is a popular platform for businesses to interact and engage with their target audiences. Thought leadership pieces are often shared on this platform as it is seen to be attractive and well-received among online listeners.

Thought leadership allows for thought leaders to be profiled in such a way that characterises them in a trustworthy and authoritative light. Thought leadership doesn’t focus on one specific brand or product but is managed through a comprehensive process of gathering and accumulating information on a broader spectrum. As a result, the content is a valuable PR tactic.

When drafting thought leadership content, it is essential to evaluate your target audience, who you want your content to reach and what the end goal is. For this reason, context is vital as it is needed to remain relevant.

Brands should always be looking to better themselves and become more personalised. There are huge opportunities for dynamic PR strategies that involve thought leadership as a valuable component.