5 highly effective PR stunts

PR campaigns are a diverse way of getting the attention your brand needs – and more. A PR stunt is certainly not the conventional way of attracting the public, in fact they are often considered as risks. However, a well-executed PR stunt can generate plenty of positive coverage. PR stunts are the alternative to utilising costly digital advertisements.

Here are five high profiled PR stunts that have surfaced in the in the recent years and proven to be successful:

1. Carlsberg’s billboard

In 2015, Carlsberg revealed a billboard in London’s Brick Lane with the following slogan, ‘Probably the best poster in the world’. The billboard dispensed free beer which triggered a lot of attention and interest on the social media front.

2. KFC’s edible nail polish

KFC’s attempt to take their slogan to the next level actually paid off. They brought out of range of edible nail polish that was ‘finger-lickin’ good’. This was an attempt to promote the brand in Asia where they released two flavours – ‘Original Recipe’ and ‘Hot ‘n’ Spicy’.

3. Warner Leisure Hotel joining forces with Bompas & Parr

Warner Leisure Hotel joined forces with Bompas & Parr where they produced the first-ever ‘anti-ageing gin’.  The bottle was labeled ‘Anti-aGin’ which included a variety of ingredients and as a result, was supposed to help heal your skin and reduce cellulite. This certainly caused an uproar within the market, however there was no real evidence these benefits existed.

4. Cadbury’s Creme Egg cafe

Cadbury took a different approach to a PR stunt and designed a pop-up cafe in response to a negative reaction to their recipe change. Here, Cadbury created a sensational experience while simultaneously catching the eyes of the media. This PR stunt is an ongoing affair including a pop-up cafe that boasts a magnificent three floors.

5. Domino’s tweet for pizza

Domino’s attempt at PR stunts has had its struggles, however they have had one particularly successful one. In 2015, US customers could order their pizza off Twitter by sending Domino’s a tweet followed by the pizza slice emoji.

Certain PR stunts are intentionally created to accumulate mass coverage by journalists who are looking for rapid responses. These are just a few successful PR stunts that have managed to garner a postive response from both the media and the public.