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Bushtracks Africa connects you to the heart of Africa

Bushtracks Africa specialise in providing leading destination management, safari and logistics in southern Africa. If you want to explore Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa – Busthracks Africa have a wide network of destinations, activities, and set itineraries.

Steam Engines

One of their signature products are their steam train safaris. The Bushtracks Express and Royal Livingstone Express are two luxurious steam engines that encapsulate the air of romance and beauty of a bygone era. These locomotives pair a classic experience with a modern comfort and cuisine. With unsurpassed service and serenity, passengers embark on a journey that uncovers some of the most beautiful areas of southern Africa.

The trains depart from two countries – Zimbabwe and Zambia. Bushtracks Express leaves from Victoria Falls station and the Royal Livingstone Express pulls out from Bushtracks Station in Livingstone. However, both visit the iconic Victoria bridge to reveal the world-famous Victoria Falls at sunset. Safely on top of the wild waters of the Zambezi River, the perfect ambience of majestic serenity is created. In addition, there are seasons with marvellous displays of bird-life.

Both trains explore an area of unspoilt natural wilderness. Bushtracks Express passes through Jafuta conservancy siding in Zimbabwe. While Royal Livingstone Express journeys to the Palm Grove siding of Zambia. Due to the raw beauty of Africa accentuated and viewed from within the carriages of a luxury train whilst being served divine food and wine – it is no wonder that this experience is loved as a sublime sensory adventure.