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The importance of humanity in 2018

Trend forecaster, Janna Stark, discusses the importance of humanity when moving in to 2018. With all of the hyped up focus on AR, VR and bot services; humanity can be neglected. Humanity not only maintains the ‘person connection’ but also vows to a level of accountability, credibility and relativity. The following blog post was originally published by Meltwater, and discusses the importance of placing humanity at the centre of future movement, regardless of technological advancement.

Humanity of Technology

Technological progress is inevitable. This means that understanding it is necessary for business. Whilst this is true, it is vital to have a clear assessment of the human condition and how technology plans to address immediate needs. A solution for consumers’ concerns of how technology will fit (seamlessly) into their lives  is needed. Rather than consumers experiencing the struggle of understanding technology, technology needs to understand consumers. Adding the element of humanity in offering to meet your clients’ needs with technology will improve their understanding and receptiveness.

Humanity in Social

The importance of social marketing has escalated on an exponential scale. However, without the personal touch, consumers are decreasing in trust of social media marketing and mega-influencers. The human touch can be improved with the inclusion of micro-influencers who have a modest, but genuine, following. This suggests a highly engaged, niche audience which allows for more conversation and personalization. The effect is a relevant and organic reach.

Humanity and brand

The time has come where corporate citizenship is what demonstrates the level of humanity in a brand. A strong brand purpose should be placed at the centre of business. Creating a sense of community will improve brand trust and loyalty.

The trick to including humanity as a priority for 2018 is to “dissect it, look boldly into the eyes of your consumer, ask them what they need from you in order to garner their continued trust and devotion, and then give it to them wholeheartedly.”