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What is Pantone’s colour of the year for 2018?

Greenery was the colour of choice for 2017, preceded by the soft blend of Rose Quarts and Serenity in 2016, and impactful Marsala in 2015. This year, Pantone has chosen Ultra Violet to be the shade of choice. Its connotations of inventiveness, imagination, and creative inspiration are expected to pave the way forward for both individuals and businesses alike.¬†Pantone’s annual colour choice extends as far back as the start of millennium.

The Pantone Color Institute is a consulting service that forecasts global colour trends and advises companies on colours for brand identity, product development, and integration of the colour for strategic decisions. The Institute is recognised as a leading source of colour information. Here is how your business can leverage the power, psychology¬† and emotion of Pantone’s Ultra Violet in 2018.

Pantone’s Ultra Violet

Although colour trends are mostly associated with industries of interior design or fashion, the influence is a greater indication of what is happening globally across all industries. The process of colour forecasting is a complex one based on a foundation of logic. The Pantone team attends important events that define culture and lifestyle. They attempt to interpret overlaps which allow them to confirm the mood and state of the times into a single colour.

Ultra Violet is meant to evoke artistic expression and the cosmos. Pantone claims that we are living in a time that requires inventiveness and imagination. The colour encourages businesses to market themselves without creative limitations, and to think out of the box. Long used to represent individuality and artistic expression, both companies and individuals are expected to push boundaries in 2018.

Practical application

Pantone’s colour for 2018, not to be confused with purple, is aligned with exploring the mystery of what is possible. In a practical business sense, companies are encouraged to adventure into ground-breaking advertising and marketing campaigns, to explore new technologies and experiment with non-conformity. Although this suggests being bold and unique, the colour also suggests an undertone of mindfulness. Businesses can be expected to operate boldly and in new ways. But not at the jeopardy of careful thought and strategy.

Enforced with associations of future and possibilities, it will be very interesting to see what potential Pantone’s Ultra Violet pulls out of businesses (and individuals).