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Theonista supports Five for Fynbos campaign

Roushanna, a forager from Veld & Sea, has teamed up with Theonista for a campaign called “Five For Fynbos”. The aim is to raise funds for the rehabilitation of the indigenous fynbos landscape after the recent fires in Scarborough. Due to the fire, there is widespread devastation in the area.

Although nature can be trusted to regenerate within due time, there is infrastructure that cannot be rebuilt. This is largely as a result of the unnatural cause of the fire.

Five for Fynbos

Rather than become disheartened, Roushanna and her husband, Tom, have been nothing but full of positivity. They have started a campaign for rehabilitation and restoration – Five for Fynbos. Theonista will be working with Roushanna and The Botanist Gin (a Remy Cointreau product) to help the Veld & Sea.

They are encouraging participating outlets to have a beverage available for a one month period. By including the Botanist Gin and/or Theonista Kombucha from First Thursday (December 7th to First Thursday, January 4th).

Regenerating their indigenous culinary botanical garden is just one of the very tangible rehabilitation projects that the Five for Fynbos funds will go towards. The other primary use of funds will be property maintenance focused mainly on alien clearing to ensure vegetation control and to support the diversity of fynbos when it regrows.

By adding R5 to the cost of the drink, each purchase donates R5 towards the Five for Fynbos contribution.

Want to be involved? Get in touch & we will follow up with further details & specifics!

Caitlin Hill, National Brand Ambassador for The Botanist Gin 072-511-4011 

Meghan Werner (Brewmistress/Owner at Theonista)  076-562-8422 or meghan@theonistaproducts.com