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Emma Brink Designs celebrates 5 years of exclusive fashion

Emma Brink Designs is celebrating her 5th year as a fashion designer with an event to showcase her 2017 Summer Collection. She will be collaborating with a few of her favourite designers, Ruff Tung and The Hive. The event will be hosted on Monday where clients, media, friends and loyal brand supporters will be treated to drinks, snacks, and goodie bags.

Fueled by passion

Emma developed her fashion line out of a passion for the fashion and design industry. She owns the Lash and Beauty Room in Wynberg where she showcases her styles on sale. She also manages an online presence with an e-commerce portal. Due to the exclusivity of her items, they are sold in boutique stores, online and in her salon. The individuality of her items ensures that you will have a unique style when sporting her brand. Included in her array of garments is her signature item – back zip-up dress.