Nutrific Takes Their Breakfast To The Street

Last month Nutrific kicked off their ‘1 Tasty Cereal Biscuit, 1000 Ways to Eat it’ campaign, boasting that their unassuming little wholegrain wheat biscuit can be eaten in 1000 different ways. To amplify this campaign, they took to the streets with New Wave Outdoor Media, branding 16 taxis for 4 months nationwide.

“The choice of OOH media, and specifically in this instance taxi advertising to maximize our campaign, was a no brainer, comments Dale Bedford, Nutrific Marketing & Brand Manager. “Taxi branding has allowed our brand exposure to various segments of the market. It is very visual and has a large reach due to the mileage traveled and areas covered by our designated taxis.”

Claiming that breakfast will never be the same and enticing consumers to try as many different variations as possible, taxi branding was a positive and clever way to reach consumers whilst stuck in traffic as they go about their daily commute to and from work, where food or their next meal is on their mind. “If the campaign is good and the artwork is eye catching, your message and brand are extremely difficult to ignore.” Adds Bedford

“The rate of urbanization in South Africa has affected the commuter landscape, making taxi advertising an attractive option for brands in this already cluttered and noisy environment. Taxi branding is unobtrusive and at the same time unavoidable, placing brands directly in front of their target market, and we had no doubt that this campaign with Nutrific was going to be a massive success.” Comments MD of New Wave Outdoor Media Warren Weiner.

 Together with their heavy digital, print and radio campaigns, OOH media was the perfect addition to close the advertising circle for Nutrific.