Tanda Tula ranger praise

Here is a post written by Sherene Casey and Irene Cooke of Tanda Tula regarding some amazing feedback of one of their guides.

‘So once in a while we like to brag a little bit, when one of our guides receives particularly phenomenal feedback we want to shout about it from the rooftops, but instead we will just share on this blog page!

The feedback says it all, so there is no need to go into all Brett Horley’s fabulous qualities or long list of qualifications, skills and repeat how impressive his knowledge is or what a great way he has with people. What we will say is that here is a man who has been in the bush for 12 years, he has lived in Maun, the Timbavati, Tanzania and the Sabi Sands. He knows his stuff, he has done walking trails for many years and in various locations which is why he leads many of our Field Camp trips. His youthful looks and fresh humour belie the professional guide that he is. But do not take our word for it – read the feedback from the Cooke family who were fortunate enough to spend time with him at Tanda Tula Field Camp.

Our family of 7 spent three days at the Tanda Tula field camp from June 18-22, 2015. We are writing to let you know that it was the best part of our vacation and the highlight of our trip to Africa. The set-up of the camp was amazingly luxurious and was almost like a magical fairytale setting.We appreciated Ginger and his excellent tracking abilities, Ruth and the fantastic meals she served, and all the other staff who looked after our every need. However, the best part was having Brett Horley as our guide and host.

We are sure you are aware of Bretts expertise as a guide and tracker but it is also his ability to share that information with us that made our trip so memorable. We learned about life in the bush and not only saw animals but learned about the animals eating and mating habits, lifestyle, predators, prey, etc. Brett is also very knowledgeable about birds, insects, plants, tracks, dung including (as he taught and showed us) termites you can eat from the dung, stars and the environment, and we were delighted that he willingly shared this information with us.

Further, Brett was also a superb and gracious host. He has a generous, warm and caring personality, and he has excellent interpersonal and communication skills. He did not intrude yet he became an integral part of our family for three days. Brett repeatedly told us that this was oursafari and he wanted to make it the best possible experience for us. Brett always asked what we wanted to do and responded accordingly. Further, in all his interactions with us, Ginger and the other staff at the field camp, Brett was polite, courteous and professional. Ginger and Brett made an excellent team, and even Ginger commented that Brett was one of the few guides who had taken the time, trouble and effort to learn their local language.

Lastly, Brett is passionate about what he does and it shows. He cares about the land, the environment and the animals, and it was a wonderful to have someone who is so genuinely vested in what he does.

In summary, it was indeed a privilege to have Brett as our guide and host for three days. We will not hesitate to recommend Brett to any of our friends or colleagues who think about doing a safari and if/when we do another safari, we will definitely ask for Brett as our guide and host.’