What is the influence of AI on the media - and what does it mean
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What is the influence of AI on the media?

influence of AI on the media

15 Feb What is the influence of AI on the media?

By joining forces with Artificial Intelligence (AI), the media opens the door to a world of possibilities. The initial thought has been one of fear – what is the possible influence of AI on the media? There are fearful predictions of job losses and the loss of the ‘human element’ in content. But the positive spin is that AI could actually up-skill journalists, rather than replace them. This blog post was originally published on Media Update.

Working together

If media chooses to work with AI, they will be choosing to acknowledge that technology is changing the game.  Some huge publishing figures, such as Los Angeles Times and Associated Press in America, have confirmed that machine learning-powered algorithms will be responsible for journalistic reporting. This means that the jobs of human journalists will change.

The AI algorithms will analyse social media, search trends and location-specific data in order to find new stories. As a result, human journalists will have more time to write in-depth articles – whether humorous, opinion or analytical. Bots have also been introduced to make it easier to release quick information about emergency situations. The advantage of AI is the high speed of data analysis. This provides the chance for human journalists to investigate outliers and developments.

The AI development should not instil fear. Instead, it should encourage journalists to use it as a very useful research tool.

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